Narrative Short Film

2019 – 2020

Director, Original Story,
Title Designer

New York University
Tisch School of the Arts
& New York Film Academy

14 Min

A Satire of Young Filmmakers

Short film "What We Talk About When We Talk About Lights, Camera, and Action" is a satire of ourselves as young filmmakers. It is a story about a young aspiring filmmaker returning to China to direct his first feature. He struggles against the rest of the cast and crew, trying to pitch his new screenplay as the production starts to fall apart.

Seeking the Missing Letter

The literal Chinese translation of the movie title is “riding donkey seeking horse.” When designing the title, I hid the Chinese letter standing for “seeking” to let the audience seek it because the movie tells a story of seeking the desired outcome: a film crew tries to make a good movie. The design aims to raise awareness of such an unexpected and struggling process of seeking.