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Traveling in Havana is like going through a time machine. The vehicles on the street suddenly became vintage cars from the 1960s. Restaurants and convenience stores no longer took credit cards. The phone no longer received data signals. To capture this unique experience, I implemented a "modern" nostalgic aesthetic for all the digitally-taken photos, which features the old-time quality of black and white pictures as well as embraces the sharpness and the low-light sensitivity of digital photography.

kids playing on the square
two men waiting for the bus
the front of a vintage car
a man parking car in front of a crowded street
close up of the steering wheel of a vintage car
stray dog
a kid playing with a stray cat
a view of an obsolete street
stray cat under a vintage car
two young kids playing with a cellphone
old man reading
nose of two farm pigs
kitty napping

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