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Squuad is an NYU start-up attempting to create an iOS app, a student version of Fiverr bridging student freelancers and clients across different schools in the United States. As the lead UI designer, I was in charge of redesigning the iOS app.

User Interface

In the new interface, I simplified the color theme to white, grey, and orange. I highlighted only the essential elements, such as the next-page button or new message bubble with orange. The Illustrations were drawn by Shiyao Liu.

squuad new user inteface for ios app

Sign up

I carefully layered the interface with borders and shadows. Only when the user finishes inputting the correct info, the grey buttons will turn orange.

Search from the Home page

I integrated the search page into the home page because home page only cannot sustain enough traffics.

Add New Payment

The implement of the credit card creates a natural mapping that navigates the user on inputted info.

Review Orders

Floating buttons and cards (decorated by drop shadows) are clickable and positioned in the top layer, indicating essential info.

Freelancer Market Overview

freelancer market overview

Hiring Poster

squuad hiring poster

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