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2018 - 2019

The NYU Production Lab is a storytelling incubator whose mission is to help the next generation design and launch thriving careers in creative industries. Infusing my minimalistic aesthetics, I redesign the lab opening motion graphics and rebrand its visual identity.

Motion Graphics

NYU Production Lab incubates many independent feature films, so the opening motion graphics have to communicate a film-related vibe. Inspired by the neo sign at the lab's entrance, I designed the motion graphics featuring blinking neo-lights.

Design Guide Cover

From left to right, the middle version is used in the final design because the repetition creates the correct emphasis on the "Design Guide."

three versions of design guide cover the final version of design guide

Event Guide

The Event Guide is a brochure for NYU professors and students on the lab's facility and resources. Utilizing the contrast in font-size and font-weight, I create a fluent visual hierarchy from the title to sub-title and then to content. However, in some cases, such as the address, hours, and contact page, I use thick lines to break the hierarchy, to reorganize the emphasis for the content is more important than the titles.

the event guide cover the event guide intro page content page address hours contact page guest access policy audition room page locker room page


tribeca party poster

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