This is an infographics project attempting to answer two questions What type of film do critics like? What type of film do the public like? I designed three infographics providing three distinct perspectives to look at the questions.

Perspective No.1

The first perspective is to compare IMDb and Metacritic’s rankings. I choose IMDb scores to represent public reception for its popularity and Metascore to represent critics’ reception for its reliable algorithm and reputation.

imdb top 250 and Metacritic top 250 scatter plot imdb top 250 and Metacritic top 250 scatter plot

The chart is broken down into four parts by two lines, a horizontal one and a vertical one setting the boundary of Metascore top 250 and IMDb top 250.

close up of scatter plot

Perspective No.2

The second perspective is to show the lists of directors with three or more films in IMDb and Metascore top 250. Each circle stands for one film.

directors with 3 or more films in imdb top 250 directors with 3 or more films in metascore top 250

The upper right corner gives an overview of all top 250 films from which we can tell that Metascore features a wider variety of directors. Left: Metaritic Right: IMDb

comparison of directors

Perspective No.3

The third perspective uses the parallel set to show the connection between the following variables: director’s nationality, IMDb range, Metacritic range, and Oscars for IMDb top 250 films. The chart tells a complicated story. One cannot tell a movie’s Oscar record based on its IMDb or Metascore range.

imdb top 250 films by directors' nationality, metacritic range, and oscars

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